S-HELP Final General Assembly Meeting

The final general assembly meeting of the S-HELP project consortium was held in the premises of partner Future Analytics Consulting on the 6th and 7th September, 2016. 


Project partners from Ireland, Austria, Sweden and Israel gathered to discuss the progress of the project and the development of the tools which will comprise the S-HELP Decision Support System. 


Future Analytics Consulting hosted the event as it is project dissemination leader, in addition to being involved in GIS and spatial data mapping for the DSS. In addition, they have designed and built a crisis communication tool with an accompanying training course (in conjunction with partner UCC-ASSERT). 


The meeting was chaired by S-HELP Coordinator, Dr Karen Neville who opened with a synopsis of the main achievements of the last few months before summarising the steps to be taken as the project ends, in January 2017. All aspects of the project were discussed by the group, with priorities including integrating the tools which comprise the Decision Support System (DSS) before they are evaluated and finally showcased at an event for potential users at the project's conclusion.


S-HELP partners Magen David Adom (MDA) - the national emergency, disaster and ambulance service of Israel used the meeting to discuss their facilitation a biological hazard scenario at the end of September in their Tel-Aviv headquarters. This event is being organised in conjunction with other end-user partners in the project, and is the first of three simulated disaster events designed to test and evaluate the tools that the project has developed to evaluate the S-HELP platform.


Other partners, including the University of Vienna, Technical University of Graz and Lund University dicussed the user interface, taxonomy and psychological design of the S-HELP DSS, and presented on the components of the project they each contributed to.


The developers of the S-HELP platform held a discussion to collaborate on the progress and integration of the tools which make up the DSS, while the rest of the project partners concurrently discussed the framework and scenarios.


Overall the meeting helped the consortium to refine its focus and prepare for the next, vital phase of the project. 







Monday, September 12, 2016