EuroSoTL Conference at University College Cork, Ireland

Dr Nora McCarthy (WP5 Leader, ASSERT) and Dr Karen Neville (S-HELP project coordinator) will facilitate two expert ‘training the trainers’ sessions at the EuroSoTL Conference on  8 June in University College Cork, Ireland. The sessions will showcase the collaboration of three S-HELP partners: University of Vienna (UNIVIE), Graz University of Technology (TUGraz), Austria and University College Cork (UCC) to create an integrated framework to guide the development of an emergency management (EM) decision-support-toolset (DSS) and support the preparation (training/learning), response, and recovery in a large-scale incident for EM practitioners and final year undergraduate security/EM modules.

In other to teach, while producing an artefact (DSS and training guidelines), the EM and development framework combines multiple methodologies: applied EM, training and agile development lifecycles, international interoperability best practices, incident command structures (ICS), cognitive needs of end users and risk communication. Each phase incorporates check points which force the application and evaluation of development and learning through exercises/scenarios in order to demonstrate usage and applied practice. The framework integrates multiple methodologies and work/development processes (WP) to guide the development of a DSS which must train EM practitioners and manage an emergency.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015