MDA hosted end-user workshop in Tel Aviv

About 30 participants from different health responders in Israel, ranging from representatives of MDA (Israeli Red Cross), hospitals, the national Ministry and partners of the S-HELP project came together to discuss end-user requirements in decision support systems. The workshop was held in Tel Aviv, Israel from 15-16 December 2014.

The first day included presentations of the concept and planned features of the S-HELP DSS by members of the consortium. Besides the presentations a group-based activity, the "knowledge café", facilitated by the S-HELP experts, was held to discuss with the Israeli participants four different topics relevant to define the end-user requirements for the S-HELP tools.

The one-day workshop was followed by a guided tour of MDA's headquarter, the central command centre for emergencies nearby Tel Aviv.

Matt Scott (UCC-BIS), Billy Hynes (FAC), Tomer Kaplan (MDA)

Friday, December 19, 2014