S-HELP Crisis Communication Tool

In a disaster or crisis situation, it is important to communicate effectively in order to maintain calm among the public and the most effective response from the emergency services.

Future Analytics Consulting is working on a Crisis Communication Tool (CCT) for the S-HELP project, which will provide users with effective safety messaging for the public in a disaster situation.

The tool is designed to be used by decision-makers facing a crisis such as widespread flooding, a chemical explosion or a biological event like the avian flu epidemic. It will be used in conjunction with the main S-HELP Decision Support System (DSS). 

Deciding on a course of action to communicate with the media and the public can be difficult when under pressure, and the tool will help to overcome this by providing pre-prepared messages which will give useful safety information to the public in a disaster.

The user of the CCT selects the type of disaster, the severity level and the stage of the emergency management cycle, and is presented with a set of messages to communicate to the public.

As events change, and the disaster worsens or dissipates, different messaging will be required. All information that is received from first responders, social media and other credible sources will be taken into account. The messaging tool can be re-run and the outputs will change.

Overall the tool will be a helpful addition to the main DSS system which will further enhance the ease with which decisions can be made and communicated in a crisis.

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Friday, January 22, 2016