Strategic Disaster Management Wiki - Second Release

In the S-HELP project a Decision Support System (DSS) is being developed so that end-users can be better prepared, make better decisions, and perform better in emergency situations. University of Vienna has created a strategic disaster management wiki to classify disasters (disaster risk, disaster types, extent of event, vulnerability), to illustrate decision-making, and to explain the emergency management environment and the stakeholders involved. It also describes the phases of the emergency management cycle. This content was incorporated into the S-HELP DSS to enhance the semantic and organisational interoperability of end-users. 

The S-HELP strategic disaster management wiki was programmed using the wiki platform of the University of Vienna. The wiki contains the main figures, describes terms, links to essential emergency organisations, and refers to key literature. Also, key terms for the three S-HELP disaster scenarios (chemical explosion, mass flooding, biological hazard) are included. 

The content of the first release of the wiki was revised in the second release to incorporate: 1) related emergency interventions and 2) emergency resources (emergency responders, equipment and materials, information and data) under consideration of the EU civil protection mechanism. 

The University of Vienna has demonstrated the strategic disaster management wiki at  national and international conferences and workshops as well as to students and practitioners. A scientific paper on the first release of the strategic disaster management wiki is included in the Springer Book 'Dynamic Perspectives on Managerial Decision Making' edited by Dawid, Doerner, Feichtinger, and Kort (2016). 

The strategic disaster management wiki will be available to the public in late 2016. 

Friday, June 3, 2016