S-HELP End-User Workshop in Israel

Magen David Adom (MDA) arranged and hosted an end-user workshop for 22 public health masters students in Ben-Gurion University, Israel on 17th May 2016.

The workshop was designed by MDA and the University of Cork - Business Information Systems department (UCC-BIS) to showcase the theory course that forms part of the broader Decision-Making Training Course [under development by the UCC training centre for medical professionals UCC-ASSERT and  Graz University of Technology in Work Package 5 of the project], and also to gather valuable feedback which will be used to tailor future course development.

Cian O'Brien of the HSE opened the workshop with an overview of the S-HELP project. Following the completion of informed consent forms, participants filled out an S-HELP pre-and post-training questionnaire which included demographic and professional questions as well as a self-assessment relating to the individual's theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in decision-making. 

The class was split into two groups -  Group A completed the online decision-making course while Group B completed an empirical study for User Interface Design. Group A's decision-making course was hosted in Compod - a system that specifically supports competence-based and self-regulated learning.

The Group B study measures human cognitive processing and interface design by analysing the effect of implementing design principles in visual displays on task performance. Results are measured by time efficiency and accuracy. 

On completion of the training, both groups were presented with a health pandemic scenario relating to avian flu, which was designed by the HSE, to assess their decision-making competency - first individually and then in a group setting.

Results about the effectiveness of decision-making training and of the user interface design will be integrated into the development of the project and the overall decision support system.


Friday, June 10, 2016