Round Table Workshops

Event title

S-HELP WP Linkage

Number of participants

Q-Methodology Workshop

WP 4, and 7. Multi session workshop with PhD students,
research and lecturing staff on the research methodology.


Vienna Woods Exercise

WP 6. Inter-Agency Emergency Management Office (IAEMO)
Tivoli exercise with HSE staff in Cork.


HISRC-iHealth Conference

WP 7. ‘iHealth: Can Data Cure You? The Clinical Impact
of Health Information Systems’ organized by Health Information System Research
Centre (UCC) in Cork, Ireland


Israel Workshop

WP 4, 5 and 6. End user workshop organised by MDA in
conjunction with HSE, UCC-BIS and ASSERT conducted in Ben-Gurion University,
Be'er Sheva, Israel with Public Health Master students


ECIS 2016 Conference

WP 7 European Conference of Information Systems (ECIS)
themed “Information Systems as a Global Gateway” at Boğaziçi University in
Istanbul, Turkey


Midleton Exercise

WP 6. Inter-Agency Emergency Management Office (IAEMO)
to the Irish Distillers LTD Review and Test of External Emergency Plan 2016


IFIP 2016

WP 7. 2016 Open Conference of the IFIP WG 8.3 hosted by
University College of Cork themed: “big data, better decisions, brighter


Destriero Final Event


WP 7. DESTRIERO dissemination event. An event to
showcase the tool and acquire feedback and assessment with respect to the
aims and results of the DESTRIERO project.


Pulse Exercises

WP 7. PULSE (the Platform for European Medical Support
during major emergencies) Pilot Scenarios. Informs Scenario development and
demonstration in WP 6.


Biological Focus Group

WP4. WP5. WP6. Focus groups as part of the Biological
scenario in Israel on the 25th of September organized by MDA and supported by
S-HELP members from UNIVIE, HSE and UCC-BIS. at the MDA Headquarters in
Tel-Aviv and brought together 12 emergency managers and first responders. The
focus group was undertaken in order to gather feedback about the S-HELP
toolset showcased using the Biological scenario.


Students Round Table

WP Two round-table events in the University College of
Cork on the 13th and 14th of September 2016 organized by UCC-BIS to obtain
feedback from Masters students about the design process and showcase the
S-HELP solution.


St. John’s Ambulance Workshop

WP5. WP7. The St. John’s Ambulance workshop held on the
X of October in the Cork offices on Victoria Road sought to evaluate the
effectiveness of training in decision making.


Chemical Scenario

WP2.WP4. WP5. WP6. The S-HELP chemical scenario took
place on the 26th of October in the National Emergency Co-ordination Centre
(NECC) in Dublin. Emergency responders from North and South of Ireland were
in attendance to test the capability of the S-HELP Decision Support System
(DSS) using a simulated chemical explosion scenario.


Emergency Management Workshop

WP4.WP5. WP7. On the 11th of November Dr. Karen Neville
hosted a Student workshop with 60 of final year students of Business
Information Systems in University College Cork in conjunction with UCC-BIS


Decision Making Workshops

WP4.WP5. WP7. Dr. Nora McCarthy, UCC ASSERT, hosted two
student workshop in collaboration with UCC BIS, FAC and TUGraz to evaluate
the decision making and crisis communication courses in the LMS


S-HELP Twitter Module

WP4. WP7. On the 14th of November Dr. Yvonne
O’ Connor, a lecturer and senior researcher with UCC delivered a lecture to
final year students across multiple disciplines regarding the novel
application of Web 2.0 technologies in domains such as health, medicine and
emergency management. She used S-HELP Twitter Module as an example.



WP4.WP5. WP7. The first IFIP Conference on Information
Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction (
ITDRR-2016) took
place from 16th-18th November 2016 in the University of National and World
Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria. A paper was accepted and presented during the


Flood Scenario

WP2.WP4. WP5. WP6. The S-HELP flooding scenario took
place on the 25th of November in the Local Co-ordination Centre (LCC) in
Cork. Emergency responders from Kerry and Cork were in attendance to validate
the S-HELP Decision Support System.