Work packages

The workplan to achieve the objectives of the project has been subdivided into 7 work packages (WP):

WP 1 - Management and Coordination

The overall objective of WP1 is to manage the 3-year capability project effectively and to coordinate its multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral consortium efficiently.

WP 2 - Holistic S-HELP DSS Framework

This WP will create a framework and common taxonomy to inform and guide the scope and delivery of all Work Packages within the S-HELP project, with particular reference to enhancing collaboration between the S-HELP consortium partners, development of the solution and a coordinated approach.

WP 3 - End User Requirements and Analysis

The activities of WP3 are critical to the further development of the S-HELP solution in order to ensure that end user requirements can be addressed appropriately by WP4. It will, among other things, undertake a comprehensive analysis of stakeholder and end user needs.

WP 4 - Decision Support (DS) Tools and Integration of Tool-Set

The development of the S-HELP real-time dynamic Decision Support and collaboration tools for multi-factorial and multi-agency scenario building and incident response will enhance preparation, planning and response to emergencies. Decision-making will be enhanced, supported and evaluated to enable reuse and lessons-learned.
The innovative tool-box will facilitate the growth of the S-HELP solution. Use and reuse of S-HELP will increase the functionality and adaptability of the solution for cascading incidents and what-if preparation and practical planning.

WP 5 - Healthcare Responder Training

This WP will design the training programme, develop training courses and their contents. It implements the training programme through different learning tools and assesses the skills gained based on an end user feedback and training evaluation.

WP 6 - Scenario Development, Evaluation and Review Process

WP 6 will use the S-HELP framework to design 3 scenarios. The DSS tool set and training modules will be tested and the performance and impact of the S-HELP solution will be assessed.

WP 7 - Dissemination and Exploitation

In this WP, the general communication tools will be developed, supporting a scientific dissemination of the S-HELP results as well as providing information for the wider public. Through a collaboration with EuSEM and other key players in the Emergency Medicine field; the capability of the S-HELP tools and DSS will be disseminated to end users and policy-makers.