Through leveraging decision support (DS), the S-HELP project will advance the knowledge base required for the development of a range of Decision Support (DS) tools and a Decision Support System (DSS) for the management of all Emergency Medicine (EM) activities.

The key elements of the S-HELP project concept are graphically shown in the picture below. The S-HELP DSS brings major benefits to emergency healthcare management, from learning and preparing for emergency incidents and analysing threats, to post evaluation, reporting and logistics management. It provides a unique mechanism to assist stakeholders and end users to work together for coordinated, effective, evidence based decisions at all stages of EM including before an incident takes place, during the incident, immediately following an incident, and later post incident stages involving evaluation and the communication of information to the public.


Project management and exception reporting software, collaboration/coordination systems allow decision-makers to focus on the more challenging knowledge acquisition, sharing, analysis, creation, retention and the decision-making functions. S-HELP will go beyond a mere technical solution to ensure the effective ownership, sharing and coordination. It will be designed so as to ensure flexibility, minimize information overload and cognitive absorption to ensure system and information quality, two aspects concerned with emergency response DSS success.